Friday, June 11, 2010

Purpose driven blog

Passionate and adventurous do not even capture the extent to which i enjoy traveling, sight seeing, and going places in my city and around the globe. Eventhough i don't get to do it as often as i would love to, i still savor every moment of my trips and still get amazed at what a beautiful world, people, and culture we have on this earth. Hence the difficulty i have in understanding why people don't break out of their shell to explore and that is how this blog was born.

Though i am definitely not the best writer in my county not to talk of world, i still feel the need to connect with travel lovers and hopefully change the minds of not so travel friendly people to become enthusiastic in exploring the world around them. I will use this blog to talk about different aspects of travel and leisure and to help people understand how to best explore the beautiful world around them. Most of my posts will encompass my personal trip reviews, tips, and ideas for my readers.

Stay put and journey with me to whithersoever i choose to explore.

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