Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinosaurs In Houston: Your last Call

I know back to school is all that is on the minds of parents these days and it should be. However, in the midst of all the preparations to get the kids equipped for a great accademic success this school session, pause if you may and stimulate their thinking and imagination while getting exposure at the Houston Zoo with Dinosaurs!

Between now and September 6, 2010, journey back in time to the days when giant, fearsome dinosaurs ruled the earth and mighty T Rex was king of the land. The Zoo’s animatronic Land of Dinosaurs will feature 10 primeval lost creatures including the fish-eating Baryonyx, the fast-moving Dilophosaurus, and the swamp lizard Dimetrodon. Also appearing daily will be the well-armored Euoplocephalus, the crested Parasaurolophus, the spiked Stegosaurus and even a nest full of baby dinos.

Venue:  Houston Zoo in Herman Park
Date:    Now till September 6, 2010
Time:    9am - 6:30pm daily
Price:   $2pp with regular Zoo admission
Phone: 713-533-6500
Don't miss the land of dinosaurs that move, roar, snarl, and even spit water before they go extinct again and leave the Zoo in September. Check the Houston Zoo for more information.

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