Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unconventional Bridges Around the World

Aiola Island Bridge, Austria: We've usually thought of bridges to just be a connecting channel over water between places, but a New York Artist, Vito Acconci took the Aiola bridge to a different level. He carved out an island that has a sunbathing area, a trendy bar, a coffee house, and a pathway to crossing the Mur river in Graz, Austria. An ingenious invention that earns it a spot on the world's unconventional bridges.

Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany: This bridge is almost an oxymoron. Bridges are usually created for cars and train, but this bridge is a water bridge and the largest water bridge in Europe. It was created for river barges to navigate the Elbe river without the unpredictable delays that sometimes occur on this river. It took over a century to complete this bridge and it now serves as a connector between two very important shipping canals; the Elbe Haven Canal and the Midland Canal.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Virginia USA: The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is one of the eight bridge tunnel systems in the world. It is about 23miles long and combines both a bridge and a tunnel for passing through the Chesapeake Bay to connect with the metropolitan Hampton Roads, Virginia and other parts of the Northeast. More importantly, this tunnel was created to protect the U.S. Naval base in Norfolk during wartime. If the bridge was to be destroyed, it would not hamper the movement of the Navy and they would still get to where they need to be without the bridge.

London Bridge, Lake Havasu Arizona: This bridge poked my interest because of the rigor of building it. This is the bridge that made the song "London bridge is falling down" common. It was originally erected in London over the Thames River, but it became too small to accommodate all the demands put on it. The Bridge was eventually put up for auction and bought by Rober McCulloch, the founder of Lake Havasus City. Each brick was numbered one by one and it took 3 years to move the bridge piece by piece from London to Lake Havasus Arizona where the London Bridge now sits. If you never got a chance to see the London Bridge in London, you can now see it in Arizona.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy: This Bridge is the oldest and most famous wholly stone built, closed, and segmental arch bridge in Europe. This bridge was home to a lot of medieval merchants and butchers, but now is occupied mostly by hawkers, souvenir shops and art shops.

The above are definitely not all the unconventional bridges in the world, they are representative of some of a whole and speak volume of what the minds of people can conceive and create. Now it's your turn to vote for the best bridge of the five in your comments.


  1. Wow! My favorite is the Aiola Island Bridge in Austria. What a beautiful work of art! You can tell the bridge is the work of an Artist with the contemporary and sophisticated look. I wonder if cars can go on the bridge. This definitely adds to my list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the Aiola Bridge also for it's contemporary look, but i more intrigued by the London Bridge simply because it was moved from London to Arizona and built back up just like it was in London. Using every piece that was moved to complete the Bridge. Thanks for visiting.

  3. the Ailoa Island bridge is phenomenal....
    OMG the Magdeburg water bridge ( water bridge) is mindblowing.....good job i must say.

  4. Isn't that something Tayo? A water bridge! Who would have thunked it! It is definitely a creative way to eradicate delays at the river. Time is money.

  5. Great pitures and interesting history. Who knew that the original London bridge now resides in Arizona? That is news to moi, well I learnt something new today.

  6. Cross continent shipment made it happen! I must see the London Bridge when i get a chance to visit the state of Arizona. I think that will be pretty cool

  7. Arizona ke? I think i will pass on that part for now, lol!!!

  8. I love your blog and would love it if you follwed mine too.


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