Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HotelMovil - Trailer Turned Luxury Hotel

Do you have a tough time locating a hotel that meets all your needs? How about bringing in (more like driving in) your own hotel to any destination you wish to visit? It may sound impossiblle to some, but HotelMovil delivers just that. Comfort, mobility, and versatility is the modus operandi of this Hotel. This is a tractor trailer that turns to a 5 star luxury hotel  in 30 minutes with a simple command.

At the push of a button, this trailer transforms to a two story mini hotel with 11 bedrooms and bathrooms,an outdoor terrace, and a solarium on the second floor. This trailers can also be custom built for other uses such as hospitals, schools, or film studio. You may choose to buy this mobile hotel for about half a million dollars or you could rent it for a weekend at about eight grand.

Watch out for more posts on interesting things around the world. Is this practical or not? Leave your thoughts.


  1. Very interesting article. It would be nice to experience a different kind of a hotel setting in a it's too expensive and i'm not sure how different it would be from a Winnebago.

  2. I believe the only difference with this and other luxurious RVs will be design and the fact that Hotelmovil is detachable. The nice RVs are mostly not detachable, but that is not really a significant difference that it should matter. Stop by again.

  3. Sounds like fun. A break from the norm for sure.


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