Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Is Over and There Goes My Vacation. Not!

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Simply because there is a change in season does not mean an end to a great vacation. Even though a lot of travelers tend to plan their vacation for summer months, it is still very possible to have an unforgettable vacation in the winter months. Winter travelers often choose a tropical vacation in the summer and i know we sometimes can't get enough of the warm weather, but there is a unique feel to enjoying each season for what it's worth. Spice it up, don't be so predictable, and savor every moment you have with each season for time will soon change. I love summer travels as many people do, but i believe a winter vacation in a cold region is full of great experiences and here are some reasons why.

Reduced Crowd: With summer comes avalanche of people at every vacation spot you can think off. You remember those endless lines at every activity you wanted to experience and how slowly those lines moved? The good news is you don't have to go through that grueling pain of enduring the wait in winter. Majority of the people are hibernating, so don't you worry about the lines, have a blast!

Lower Costs: Try traveling to Europe or any cold region in the summer and compare your ticket price with winter pricing and you will quickly agree with me that there is no comparison. It is almost a highway robbery when you consider how significantly your cost of travel increases when done in the summer. Hotels offer better discounts in the winter months and more outfitters offer good discounts to participate in events. For visual understanding, the table below gives a comparative analysis of flight tickets between summer and winter season.

Region:                               Winter Fare:      Summer Fare:       Difference:      % Increase:

Europe (averages)                 $510.90             $935.85             $424.95            83.1%

Middle East (averages)          $753.00           $1252.00             $499.00            66.0%

Asia (averages)                    $1093.46           $1470.93             $377.47            34.5%

Africa (averages)                 $1213.80           $1573.60              $359.80            29.6%

South America (averages)     $670.37            $710.87                 $40.50              6.0%

Central America (averages)   $421.00           $422.50                   $1.50               0.3%

*New York’s JFK used as airport of origin 2007 rates

Different Experience: You have a better chance of experiencing a place and connecting with the origins in the winter months because their towns are not so crowded and invaded by tourists. They are actually physically present to engage you in a conversation because they too are back from their summer getaway and carrying on with their daily life.

Activities: Some activities are seasonal and for the most part, the only way to enjoy authentic snow is to visit a cold region in winter . You want to tear up the Rockies while skiing or blaze through the white blanket of snow with your snow mobile or snowboard? There is no better time for these type of adventures than winter. Forget about the cold, it is all in your mind! Have some soup and hot chocolate! Are you visiting Europe, stroll through the streets and enjoy the different festivals carefully planned for you to cheer you up.

Visiting a place in the winter and summer can deliver two totally different experiences and yet very delectable and exhilarating!


  1. This is great information! Even though many parents prefer the summer because the kids are out of school, winter vacation however, may not be a bad idea esp during the Xmas holiday when the kids are out again. I can't believe going to places like Europe and the Middle East during winter will save you almost half the ticket price. Thanks on the enlightenment Blimey!

  2. The price differences are amazing! I sure dont want to go to Europe when its cold but the Middle East for sure.

    Thank you my friend.



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