Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lights Camera Action

It is true that a moment lasts all for a second, but memory lives on forever  and sometimes the best way to re-live a beautiful vacation from memory is through the pictures you took in that moment. Pictures are not only good for reminiscing, they are a great way to share your vacation experience with families and friends. They are also a great memento to showcase in the future when celebrating that great occasion. Capturing great pictures of different aspects of your travel is the main focus of today.

Tripod is a tool that is always needed and very useful for travelers. It is that extra hand you need when taking pictures. Tripod is a camera stand and it is very important to have one because it allows you include everyone in your group in your pictures. You don't have to ask people to take a picture of all of you. You can do that nicely with the help of your tripod. Tripod also averts shaky or unclear pictures because once your camera is perfectly secured on to the stand, it is stabilized and human error of fuzzy pictures is eliminated.

Another picture related equipment to add to ones collection is an underwater Camera Case. If you like water activities such as snorkeling, sea walking,  and scuba diving then you want to invest in a good underwater camera case. It will make your life so much easier and better. You don't have to pay for low quality pictures taking by your guide company. You can take as many pictures as you like and you would actually be taking things that really interest you rather than just pictures of yourself underwater. The reason we snorkel or go underwater is to see the sea life below, therefore capturing them nicely in their habitat the way we want is very important and can be realized with the help of this case. You can look online to find what case works for your camera.

If you do a lot of traveling i suggest you invest in a good quality camera. One thing i have come to realize with travel lovers is there is some desire or love for photography that develops sooner or later and perhaps it is because you come across so many beautiful things that you just want to capture them beautifully. If i could change George Orwell's famous Animal farm quote, I'd say All cameras are equal, but some cameras are more equal than others, so invest in one that has a great quality.

Disposable cameras come in handy as well if you have kids traveling with you. You can keep them busy snaping away while you take your pictures. You not only keep your children occupied and entertained, you also don't have to be overly concerned with your camera getting damaged since they have theirs. They can inflict all that wear and tear on the disposable camera.

These are just some tips on how to enhance your vacation experience through pictures.


  1. Tripod is a must, sometimes if you go to foreign countries where english is not their first language it is difficult to communicate. You later find out all your heads have been cut off in the picture. Oh well, lol

  2. Other thank your pictures not coming out as you would like, it is too much of a hassle looking for people minding their own business to take a picture for you.

  3. Good read! I never thought about getting a tripod,i'm always asking people walking by to take pictures of everyone in the group. How easy is it to travel with one? Im just wondering if they are very heavy since i have a trip coming up. Thanks!

  4. Tripods are real easy to travel with. Ours fit into our carryon luggage. They are not heavy and they come in different sizes. You just have to shop for the one that works for you in size and length. You can buy a bag to carry it as well especially for when you go out sightseeing.


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