Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Purposeful Travel With a Perk

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Travelling can take any form and can be done for different reasons. Taking a well deserved vacation is always great and it is infact a good cause, but there are other times when we travel to change lives, be it ours or others.

The post today will focus on five different ways of adding a significant meaning to your travel and still enjoy a wonderful time of exploring a new place.

Mission Trips: Embarking on a mission trip is one of the most significant way of touching lives and helping individuals in poverty striken nations. All countries have poor people, but some countries are at a bigger disadvantage and thus have more people in need than other places. Taking the time to personally visit these places and provide basic essential needs of life such as food, shelter, clothing, emotional support, counseling, and spiritual needs can be the most rewarding experience. You not only get the time to minister to the needs of the people physically and spiritually, you get to know them, know their community, learn from them, and still get an opportunity to visit surrounding areas for leisure. To participate in a mission trip, check with your church and other mission trip organizations such as Mission Discovery and Joyce Meyer Ministries

Study Abroad: This is a program organized through several Universities across the globe for completing part of your degree program in another country. It could be a semester or a year long program. It is a great avenue for students to learn a foreign language while taking a course that counts towards their degree program, learn about the culture of other people, meet and make new friends. The classes are scheduled in a way that permits weekend travel for students and you should take advantage of it and have fun travelling with fellow students. More information about study abroad can be found at your school or online through studyabroad.com or goabroad.com

Volunteer Abroad: This program gives you so many avenues to volunteer your time in different areas of interest. The program could be on a long term or short term basis. Another great perk of volunteering abroad with the right organization is some offer all expense paid opportunities. Some of the organizations that offer all expense paid opportunities are Peace corps, United Nations, Volunteer Service Overseas,ArtCorps, Winrock International, Geekcorps

Teach Abroad: The teach abroad program gives qualified individual an opportunity to help students in foreign countries learn different subjects in which they are deficient. A lot of the teach abroad programs are language programs. A lot of English language teaching programs are available in Asia and qualified candidates go over for a year or even longer to teach the subject. Some programs offer all expense paid opportunities as well Educators Overseas. Teaching abroad not only gives you a chance to impart knowledge to the students, it gives you international experience, career advancement, and you get to see the world and experience new things.

International Internship: International internship can boost your resume when looking for that fulltime job after graduation. It is a great global experience especially now that the world seems to be shrinking. You learn about the business culture of other people. Learn and practice the language at a cheaper rate. Travel around on weekends and in your spare time. Working, learning, and having fun all at the same time! What's not to love about it? More information available at International Internships

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  1. I enjoyed this post, my favorite is the mission trips. I must confess, it wasnt until last year that i started to have a passion for mission. I am excited about going on my first mission trip next year.

    What your post did for me is it allowed me to think of mission as part of my holiday. Which I think is a great idea, something else the family can do together apart from lounging by the seaside.

  2. Good reminder for us not to only think about ourselves and our immediate family/environ but to also have compassion for other people and step out of our comfort zone to be there for others. However, I wish I had time out of work for volunteering. Any suggestions as to other ways one can be an impact without physically being there? (Not trying to be lazy).

    Best Regards,

  3. Buky, i am excited to know that you have caught the mission bug and i cannot wait to hear your experience when you return from your fist mission trip. Giving always brings fulfillment. Thanks for being a faithful reader and contributor.

    Anonymous, thanks for stopping by to read my post and for leaving a comment. There are so many ways we can impact lives without being there physically. You can donate to worthy causes to help these organizations meet their goals. You can also support them with your prayers. Even in your city, you can still volunteer your time to help the less fortunate. Nothing is too small to give. Thanks again and would love to hear back from you if you decide to Volunteer abroad or within your city.


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