Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun Winter Vacation Activities

While some run to the sunny side of the world during winter, and some hibernate, others dash to the foothills of the beautiful snow covered Alps for an exhilarating fun in the snow. There are tons of activities to engage in, so forget the cold, suit up and let's slide through them.

Skiing: We cannot talk about winter fun without talking about the Grand daddy of snow events.  Skiing is one of those activities that you have to try at least once. The thrill of it and the great winter wonderland scenery is just unbelievable.  Don't worry about falling because you will fall, but you will get up again and whiz through the snow.

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Snow Kiting: More and more activities have been developed for the fun loving adventure enthusiasts that can't get enough of the snow. With snow kiting, you use kite power to glide on snow or ice. It is very similar to kite surfing. The snow kiter can travel uphill or downhill with any wind direction.  I am adding this one to my list to try.

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Snow Kayaking: Yes you read it right - Snow Kayaking. Just like kayaking the traditional way, you need a Kayak and a paddle. It is fun snow kayaking, but it must be done in the right spot. You cannot snow Kayak anywhere, you have to find a wide open snow hill without obstructions or little ones.  Your paddle is your best friend here, so know how to use it well to your advantage. You use your paddle to push off and go and you dig it in the snow to stop when needed. Not all resorts allow snow Kayaking, but it is the newest rave in town.

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Snowshoeing: This activity can be done by anyone who can walk. It is simply walking on snow with snowshoes. You can go hiking in winter by snowshoeing. No training is actually necessary. It is a relatively inexpensive activity that accommodates the whole family. The shape of the snowshoe you wear matters and you should select appropriately. A rounded snowshoe promotes better float and tapered ones allows for easier maneuvering. Another advantage of snowshoeing is the ability to access areas that are normally not easily accessible through skiing.

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Ice Sailing: This is sometimes referred to as Ice yachting. It is a sport of sailing and racing ice boats.This sport as you can imagine is highly dominated by young boat enthusiasts with affinity for speed.

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Have you engaged in a winter recreational event that you absolutely loved? Share your experience with us.

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