Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time to Travel When...

For some, travel is just a spontaneous decision they make without anything triggering it. However, there are certain times in life you definitely need to travel and here are a few time to travel situations.

Completion of a tedious project: Projects at work can sap a significant amount of energy from you especially when done under pressure and pressed for time. It is very okay to reward your self for a job well done and make sure you do it far away from the office where you have been stuck the last couple of how ever long it took to complete the project. This may be the best time to getaway to a wonderful calming scenery to rejuvenate and stimulate your senses again to productive creativity.

Travel on your mind: It is definitely time to travel when all you can think about is getting away from your current city. No need to stress your mind and remain unhappy, just do it! You will not be satisfied until you venture out to that place that is calling your name out loud.

Your relationship ended: The last place you want to be when you just got dumped is in the same city with your ex at least for a while. Getting away for a while to a place where you have family and/or friends that can cheer you up and take your mind of it is where you need to be. Though a mini getaway will not completely eliminate your pain, but it will ease it and you can actually experience some happy moments even though the break up is still very fresh.

You need Me time: It is perfectly alright as a married man or woman to have a me time and travel with your friends. Family life is wonderful but demanding and we sometime need to excuse ourselves for a weekend to have fun with our friends in a place far from home. Don't lose all the fun in your life simply because you are married. Marriage should be fun and you should still be able to do things with your friends.

You can't remember the last time you traveled: If you can't think of when last you traveled, then it is time for you to take a trip and awaken the lost memory and  fun time you used to have when you did.

Those are some of my time to travel. What are your time to travel when...? Share with us in your comment.


  1. My travel time is now!!! I really wished i can travel tomorrow, i so need it badly now.

    Finally in the last trimester with 2 toddler, I could use an all inclusive trip that comes with a nanny. Do you know any?

    Some where there are fun activities in house for the children or maybe a fun daycare so this mama can put her feet up.

    I know doctors dont recommend flight travel but i could use getting away. I seriously wonder if there is any such places for mom with children that comes with a nanny.

  2. You have come to the right place for answers. there are some all inclusive resorts for families that come with personal nannies. These resorts have plenty of activities for kids. One of the resorts that come to mind is FDR Pebbles in Jamaica.


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