Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spring Break: Beach Fun

It is only the beginning of February, but all I can think about is Spring. I love spring because everything comes alive, vibrant, and full of vigor. It feels like a new beginning for all things. Flowers start to blossom, trees are budding, and the weather just feels great. The only thing left to compliment is a spring break getaway to a magical beach. Beaches such as the following are a treat to anyone seeking a well deserved R & R. Travel Channel has also classified them as sexy beaches.

Ko Phi Phi Leh Beach: Is considered a fantasy life dreaming beach in Thailand. This beach is accented by beautiful lime stone cliffs jetting up from the ocean.

Macaroni Beach: Macaroni beach is located in Mustique island, a private island in the southern Caribbean. There is little traffic even during it's peak season - an added benefit for those seeking a peaceful beach experience. Macaroni beach is pristine and the most popular beach on this island.

Clifton Beach IV: Located in Cape town, South Africa and graced by the grandeur of the 12 Apostle table mountain range, this beach is known for it's friendly crowd and considered the sexiest green beach because of the electric cafes.

Pink Sand Beach: Harbour Island, Bahamas is the home to some rare pink sand beaches. The pink color comes from microscopic shelled animal called Foraminifera. The beach stretches about 3.5miles and famous for it's pink sand.

Godahl Beach: This lovely stretch of aquamarine white sand beach is located in Canouan Island. Also known as Caribbeans best. It is located on a somewhat private island exclusively for guests of Raffles resort. Has spa rooms in huts in the middle of the ocean with glass floors. Definitely Caribbeans best kept secret.

A beach is sexy because of the cocktail of all the beauty around. Add yourself to the beauty of these beaches this spring break or whisk your significant other to one of these places for Valentine's day or that special occasion coming up.


  1. Macaroni Beach sure sounds like fun. I will love to visit Clifton Beach in Cape Town as well. it looks really clean and welcoming. I sure hope i can go somewhere for Spring Break.

  2. Hey Blimey, what are you doing to me? After looking at these pictures, i just started packing my bags and heading out to those pristine and peaceful beaches. Oh no, it's not vacation time yet, I must be dreaming. But hey, it feels great... Awesome pictures and thanks.


  3. Joshua, at least the consolation is you can dream about it and look forward to going there when you finally take that vacation.

  4. Godahl beach sounds like heaven on earth!

  5. You can say that again! The beauty of this aquamarine white sand beach is undeniable. Simply dazzling!

  6. If ever there is an excuse to visit South Africa, then Clifton Beach IV: Located in Cape town, South Africa is the reason to.

  7. The good thing is, we can always make any excuse to justify the reason for doing what we do. Whatever your reason maybe, permission granted to Clifton Beach IV!


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