Monday, February 14, 2011

Travel and Creativity: Is there a Connection?

Beijing's Birds Nest
How much influence travel has on ones creativity has been a question swirling in my mind of late. I  wonder,  how much effect does travel have in the way we think, solve problems, design, and do many other things. Do you think meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning other's culture while traveling has effect on you cognitively? I have read some articles that agrees that there is a connection between travel and creativity and others that do not agree.

I would like to know what you think on this subject. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree, i am simply trying to understand the reasoning of everyones response to this topic. Your participation is needed and is well appreciated.

Let the comments fly!


  1. Your question got me thinking hard on why i really do travel. I travel to escape reality and my daily routine. Its a way of spending quality time without schedule with my family. Yes, i come back recharged and energized. But i wont say it has any effect on creativity for me, so i disagree.

    Traveling for me is much more about spending that needed time with my family and no routine at all. A change of environment, meeting new people is not that important but if it happens great.

    Also all about trying new food and some culture with the people i love the most, husband and children.

    This a thought provoking post, thanks for sharing.


  2. I think my creativity is influenced a lot by travel. I look forward to traveling, not only because i come back refreshed but come back with new ideas and a new perspective to life.

  3. Thank you Bukville and Tola for your Contributions.

  4. I think travel has a lot of effect on the way we think or do things. When i meet people, i can easily tell if they have been out of the country(USA)from the way they talk. People who travel a lot tend to be more open minded and very educated about a lot of things. Also, i've noticed that when i get back from my travels, i try things that i liked in the countries i visited e.g. their style of dressing, the way they talk, the way they do things e.t.c.


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