Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bali Ayu (Beautiful Bali)

The Island of Bali is located in central Indonesia with many natural attractions and temples throughout the island. Its capital is Denpasar and the official language is Bahasa, but English is spoken through out the Island by many of the locals.

I got a great opportunity to visit Bali and it's surrounding areas in June for a friend's wedding and it was a wonderful experience. The people are very friendly and hard working and the Island has a number of beautiful beaches and breath taking places.

There are a number of places you can stay in Bali, but we chose to stay in Seminyak at the beautiful Villa Sekar Taman I. Seminyak is filled with great restaurants and boutiques.

Villa Sekar Taman I

The streets are lined with money changers as well, so you always have a place to change money, but beware of those little money changers with extremely high exchange rates. They are high for a reason and that's not because they are that generous, it is because they attract you there with their high rates and try to swindle you. Always use official money changers!

Spas! What woman does not love being pampered? Bali is highly infested with Spas at very cheap rate compared to a lot of developed countries. You can have a good 1hr massage for as low as $8. Your options are unlimited and there are spas everywhere. You can go to them or they can come to you for in-villa Spa service.

Ku De Ta is a paradise by the ocean. It's a restaurant/lounge by the ocean. Great food, drinks, and great music for dancing. Quite romantic setting. A little on the pricey side when compared to other places in Bali, but the ambiance is well worth the visit.

Ku de Ta

If you however want the same atmosphere as Ku de ta, but want to go easy on the wallet, you may check out The Breeze at the Samaya. This is luxury on a dime compared to Ku de ta and you get basically the same effect and relaxation. However, it does not hurt to check both places out.

The Breeze

Located in Kintamani is Mount Batur, the second most active volcano in Bali. Trekking up this mountain with flash lights for the sunrise is worth the sight and it's magical.

Mount Batur

After your hike up and down Mount Batur, you can journey to Ubud area to view the spectacular Tegalalang Rice Terrace and do some shopping for crafts. The town of Ubud is known for its crafts and there is plenty of them at very good prices.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

As earlier mentioned, Bali is loaded with Temples and most of their temples are set in some interesting places. Tanah Lot and Uluwatu temples are 2 of the ones we visited. Both unique in their structure and location and very interesting places to visit.

Tanah Lot is a temple on a rock. It is a Hindu temple on a big rock surrounded by water and it almost seems like an island floating on the sea. The view is dazzling!

Tanah Lot

Uluwatu Temple is a cliff hanging temple that has some interesting settlers, Monkeys! Whatever you do, make sure you do not lose sight of your belongings and don't make a mistake of having too many bells and whistles on you, because you will be targeted and stripped of your blinging stuff. You will have to pay a stiff penalty in order words bribe the monkey through a local to get your stuff back. The monkeys are very smart negotiators perhaps they should try out for The Apprentice. Don't shy away from visiting Uluwatu because of the monkeys, just accessorize modestly. Tuck away the sunglasses.

Uluwatu Temple

Dreamland beach sure lives up to its name for avid surfers. Riding high on the waves is a surfers dream and that my friend is what you will get at this beach.

Dreamland Beach

Jimbaran! You can't mention Jimbaran without talking about the great seafood restaurants aligned along the shores of Jimbaran beach. Nothing beats having a delicious sunset seafood dinner with live singing and dancing performances coupled with the therapeutic sound of the might waves of the ocean

Jimbaran Seafood Dinner

Kuta market, this happened to be my favorite market of all the markets we visited because that was where i got the best deals from. You have to hone your haggling skills in this part of the world to survive. Whenever you are told the price of an item, make sure you start haggling from a third of that price and even walk away to another store, be assured that if your price is good for them, they will call and chase after you to buy.

Kuta Market

Lembongan Island, though Lembongan Island is not in Bali, it can be reached with a 30 minute speed boat ride. You will not regret the 30 minute nauseating(for some) ride to this perfect holiday hideaway with pristine un-spoilt beaches. This island has lovely white sand beaches and loaded with all kinds of water sports. Great for snorkeling, Seawalking, kayaking, and jet skiing.

Lembongan Island

That's my review of Bali as i saw it. Add Bali to your lists of places to visit and you will not regret it. Terima Kasih(Thank You) for visiting my blog!


  1. Bali is beautiful and speaking my lingo!

    Spa, massage, great food, drinks, great music for dancing, Quite romantic settings, sunset today! Trekking up this mountain with flash lights for the sunrise? Sound magical. What else can a girl ask for? There is something for everyone.

    Wow those are beautiful pictures too.

    Do you know if its children friendly? How many hours is the flight?

    Bali is calling my name. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place.

  2. Bali is very children friendly. I met a lot of Australians that came to vacation with their kids. There is plenty to do there with kids. it is a long flight and at least one stop over somewhere before your final destination. My flight was about 27hrs(including layovers)with a stop in Chicago and Seoul, South Korea. The flight length might be the only concern for families with small children.

  3. beautiful.... i love the gist about the Uluwatu temple....would really love to see the monkeys in action....yea

  4. The Monkeys are quite interesting. very aggressive though and great negotiators like i mentioned. If you get a chance to visit Bali, do so and be sure to visit Uluwatu Temple.


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