Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Can't and Couldn't Even if i Wanted to...

A wise man once told me that anyone that says he/she does not like money does not have any. In my opinion, the same goes for travelling. Anyone that says i don't like travelling or seeing other places has not been to a fun one just yet. What is there not to like about having fun and meeting people? I do know that there may be some limitations here and there that could prevent people from travelling even though they would like to and those are the limitations that i am going to address today and hopefully help you see how to work around it.

Bear in mind that these are not in any particular order of importance, but they are all relevant issues.

Cost: For some this is the biggest obstacle to getting around and seeing the world around them. Yes, we do need money for travelling, but that should not stop us from going. This is were careful planning and strategizing is needed to best make your money go a long way. You can start to explore within the country you live in. Go visit a different state or city within your state for a change. Take a weekend trip, drive there(which is cheaper than flying). Do a group trip! When you travel with multiple people, You can split cost for gas for car, car rental, hotel/villa reservation, even food(you may decide to get a condo/villa with a kitchen and cook). You make your own budget and work around the budget. Not only is travelling as a group(with the right people) cheaper on your wallet, it is fun!!!! What you learn while travelling is much more valuable than the money you think you have to spend. Exposure is very important and valuable in life.

Time: Another excuse that i have heard over the years is "oh i don't have time or can't take time off" Listen, if you drop dead today, that company you work for will replace you in a jiffy and life goes on. Take a break and enjoy yourself. You don't need an exceess amount of time to travel. A weekend trip is good, one here and one there adds up. Everyone needs a break from work and their environment every now and then. You need it, take it and go some where! Most people i know have vacation days. Those are given to you to use not to be wasted. You are getting paid for them anyway, so use them. Give your self a break from overtime. Don't overwork your body and brain, they need to rest and recuperate.

Comfort Zone: Some people live in places where they think the world revolves around them and they never have to go anywhere. Please! every city, state, or country is not the same. There is always something unique to a place to see and learn and that's what makes travelling fun. The fact that you get to see something new and learn about people and their culture is more than enough reasons to travel. Don't be afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You might find out when you venture out that what you thought was the best life ever isn't. Think about the new connections you will make and the great conversation piece you begin to have with people.

Lack of Information Information is power and this is true to anything you do. Have good information about things. Some don't travel because they just don't have the information on where to go and what to do while there. They don't want it to be boring and turn out to be a waste of time and money, but don't know how to spice it up. In this day and age, i think we have more than enough resources to research on things. If you don't know what to do, get someone that can help you do it. That may not be your forte, but it is for some of us, so ask for help! There are blogs like mine out there that have information on travels. Internet has made things easier so use it.

There are many more other reasons why people don't travel, but these are the ones that i can think of right now. You may comment and send me your questions on any of the above or others not listed. I am here to help.

... o no, yes you can!Please go on a small tiny winy trip and let me know your experience! I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Living in Texas the 4th largest state in US, there are no excuses for not seeing more of Texas. We just returned from San Antonio and Dallas, driving with 2 toddlers! Tell me about it, it was fun and you can visit various churches too. So we stopped by Potters House - Bishop TD Jakes was in the house too. What a great way to end the trip.

    Bon Voyage Amigo!

  2. Thanks Buky! Road trips are always fun, fun, fun. I read your piece on Potters House and that was amazing! I encourage my readers to check out Buky at She has great write ups on Relationships.

  3. I was hoping one of the reasons you would give for people not traveling as much is children. What comments do you have about that?

    Me and my brother just came from a two week Euro trip and I have caught the travel bug :-) I will be doing a lot of weekend traveling (There is so much of US that I haven't seen, and I LIVE here). But if we had children, come of the locations and routes and stress would have been completely different, and not necessary for the better.

  4. Thanks Seun for your comment and bringing up the issue of Kids and traveling. I don't have any kids yet, but i do meet a lot of families with kids traveling. The only way kids affect traveling is really in the cost/activities that you can engage in. There are so many places that are great for families with kids and i will be sure to highlight some in my future posts. Cost is handled in the post. Thanks for sharing with us and come again to visit this blog as i will be updating frequently. I promise to give you a wonderful place to visit in the US if you have not visited already.


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