Friday, July 23, 2010

Colorado - The Gateway to Spectacular Vacation

Colorado is well endowed with natural beauty and one of my favorite places in the United States of America. This place is high on my list of favorite spots because it is just packed with a lot of Adventurous activities. If you are looking for a fun packed adrenaline pumping vacation, then you must visit the beautiful state of Colorado. It really does not matter what region of Colorado you decide to go, be sure you will be met with fun vacation time. I visited the Western  and Southwestern part of Colorado and that region is what i will be reviewing in this post.

Our journey started from Denver, the capital of Colorado, and we headed west on I-70 to Glenwood Springs. It was memorial day weekend of 2009. Though it was sunny and warm in Denver, by the time we got to Veil area, it was snowing, sleeting, raining, you name it, it was happening. It was actually very intriguing that you could be in the same state and have winter and summer all mixed together! I-70 is a scenic byway with the westbound lanes suspended on a viaduct that elevates it above the Eastbound lanes. It runs through the Glenwood Canyon paralleling the Colorado river. You have to see it to appreciate the beauty of the Canyon.

Finally made it to Glenwood Springs and we headed to the beautiful Yampah Hot Springs vapor cave. It is the only known natural vapor cave in North America. The Spa offers a great array of services and the vapor cave is a must do. Make sure you drink lots of water.
Yampah Vapor Caves

Glenwood Cavern is an adventure park and worth seeing. Especially great for families with kids.

The next day we headed up to the most spectacular and serene place in Glenwood Springs, Hanging Lake/Spouting Rock - spectacular! This is a 2.4miles hike up to the beautiful turquoise lake and waterfall. Behind this waterfall is the main channel through which the lake gets all the water from.  The water gushes out from holes in a cliff, hence the name Spouting Rock. There are lots of resting spots on the trail, stop to catch your breath and keep going because the sight is worth the hike.
Hanging Lake
Spouting Rock

Done with Glenwood Springs, we decided to take an exciting route to Colorado Springs for the rest of our stay in Colorado. Highway 82 aka Independence pass is the highest paved mountain road in Colorado. It is a winding road that elevates as it wraps around the mountain. It might as well be called gateway to heaven because you feel like you are at Jesus's feet by the time you reach the peak, which is over 12,000ft above sea level and it's a continental divide (some of it's water run into the atlantic ocean and rest into the Pacific ocean). Great exciting drive only for the brave!
The Summit of Independence Pass

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in Colorado and boasts of great natural attractions such as the Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cave of the winds, and the beautiful United States Airforce Chapel.

We stayed in Manitou springs and if you decide to go see these places aforementioned while in Colorado, you must stay at Avenue Hotel. Very beautiful historic building now turned into a bed and breakfast. The inn keepers are such pleasant and wonderful people. The daily breakfast is second to none, full of varieties, and served with love.

Below are some pictures of different activities you can engage in while in Colorado Springs area.

Pikes Peak

Airforce Academy Chapel

Canon City is where you can whitewater raft and also enjoy the Royal Gorge. Treat yourself to the train dinner while you ride through the Royal Gorge.

Royal Gorge Dinner Train ride

There you have it! Get on the plane or in your car and journey to Colorado for a wonderful vacation. Great for families as well. I intend on going back to a different region of Colorado for another explosive swell time!


  1. Blimey, you have done it again! Who doesnt want to go to Colorado after those lovely pictures. I love Colorado, it hold special memory for our family. We see the proof of our visit everyday, her name is Faith, LOL!! I cant wait to return for another visit, how knows?? Lol

  2. Great to know you had fun in Colorado and make sure you visit again for another spectacular fun!


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